Non-toxic, low odor, easy to write with and perfect companion to the glass whiteboard. 

Thoughts, goals, to dos, to trys, recipes, groceries - so many useful ways to use this minimalist glass whiteboard.

Own a computer? Backing up your personal and business content is so, so important, and completely worth it.

Beginner-friendly camera used mainly for recording high-quality videos - which is what we used to film our build.

Easy to use and quickly set up shots or vlog with your camera or phone. 

Need a reliable way to save and transform all of our photos and videos, so we've used this one for years. 

Because you always need some printer paper on hand and this is a sustainable option.

A fun way to explore painting with watercolors. Plus the smaller size makes it less intimidating to use rather than a large canvas!

Beginner watercolor paint set, with all the colors you need to get started.

I use this with my refurbished Ipad so easily draw, animate, and edit photos.

Slim, minimalist, and protective case for an Ipad.

Love having a little home and specific place for our phones to charge or when we simply want to use it as a stand. 

It's always helpful to know the indoor and outdoor temperature as well as the humidity levels - especially in a tiny space!

We use these to minimize battery waste since you can recharge them up to 1200 times.

Our gaming and tv systems are hooked up in our office loft, so we put this cable through the wall in order to easily connect it to stream on our TV.

Super helpful when you need to organize the usual cluttered-ness of wires.

One of our drawers is a dedicated "charging drawer" where we're able to neatly organize all the USBS into this.

Soft, comfortable office chairs that fit in our loft! (We did have to cut the bottom legs a little bit).

We use this light bulb in our office desk lamp so we're able to dim the warm light.

How we made that office desk lamp dimmable lol.