Living Room

We placed this in our living room and love the ambiance the faux but real looking flames give off. Plus it helps heat our house. 

Use these on our fireplace mantel to store our favorite books. 

How we made our starry ceiling possible! Completely worth it to level up your space coolness by 100000.

As the sun shines into our windows, these little glass pendants create beautiful little rainbows everywhere. Makes a seemingly normal space a bit magical.

Our gaming and tv systems are hooked up in our office loft, so we put this cable through the wall in order to easily connect it to stream on our TV.

We wanted to add a light to our living room without intruding in the space, and this one perfectly tucks into the corner.

Warm, yellow light that we use with the hemp rope pendant!

Quietly and conveniently vacuums the floor during the time of day we set it for. Works well with picking up pet hair!

Clean, minimalist keyed entry door handle.

Just a replacement strip used for our front door. 

Again, really sticking with the ~clean, minimalist, black~ aesthetic. 

Easily collects pet hair from the couch to remove. Yes, we saw it on TikTok.

Fits in our workout section of the house and feels great when you roll out on.

Try this on the bottom of your feet and it might just change your life. 

Used this for a little DIY project where we secured this around the edge of our couch so kitty can still scratch it. Color matches perfectly!