We really enjoy the fresh scent and Meliora's commitment to actually clean cleaning products. 

A few extra cups for our Ninja blender so we can make the best vegan smoothies. See some recipes on our Instagram!

A meditative morning ritual brewing coffee and you help contribute to less coffee pod + filter waste with the reusable mesh filter. 

A refreshing and nutritious way to change up your meals and add some vegetables in a new way!

Modern, clean look and it pulls down to spray all the dishes easily. Never thought I'd love a faucet so much.

We use this to measure out our grounded coffee and the amount of water we're pouring.

Just a cool added bonus when you're making your morning coffee and want to froth your oat milk. (warning: it explodes if you try it in cow secretions)

An above counter sink for easier installation and a cool look to the bathroom!

Continuing with the matte black aesthetic, this nicely blends into our kitchen sink and works exactly as expected.

When it comes to meal prepping vegan chili or soups this is great. Prep all your vegetables, spices, etc. throw it in and let it cook. 

Installed right above our cooktop in our kitchen.

Allows us to plug the range into an outlet rather than having it hardwired. 

Affordable and sleek can that perfectly fits into our space.

Matte black handles that contrast beautifully with our clay painted kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Sleek design that fits right into our counter. We weren't sure if two burners would be enough, however after cooking for a year in here we've only ever used one. So this is plenty!

Minimalist fan that, well, you know what a fan does.

We use these every morning together, and in the evenings brew a decaf to go for a walk (with the lids on).

After we drip brew a cup of coffee, this instantly cools it as a refreshing iced version!

Three ingredient vegan protein powder that actually tastes good in smoothies. They have other flavors too!

Kitty approved shallow dishes that match the minimalist house design.

Doubles as a cool water feature in your house. But really, it looks nice on the counter and kitty loves drinking from it.

So we actually clean the bottom of our reusable water bottles lol.

Aka rags we use for cleaning and spills - then just add it to our weekly laundry loads.

You may be thinking this is for soap, however it's actually kitty's favorite toy. Although it can also be used for soap.

Combined with an oak piece of wood from Lowe's and you've got all of our DIY kitchen shelves.

Installed these underneath our bottom kitchen shelf to hang our mugs & glasses.

Hangs on the side of fridge for keys, sunglasses, and our face masks.