Couldn't recommend this composting toilet enough. Simple, easy to use, and easy to clean. (Better than Nature's Head)

An above counter sink for easier installation and a cool look to the bathroom!

Modern, clean look and it pulls down to spray all the dishes easily. Never thought I'd love a faucet so much.

Really helpful way to get alllll that hair out of your shower/bath drain.

Installed this on the inside of our wood sliding door to our bathroom and we love it!

Sustainably sourced bamboo toilet paper! 

Our favorite bamboo toothbrushes we've ever tried! Affordable pack is great for the whole fam. Plus it helps to know you're not contributing to the use of plastic toothbrushes which take 500 years or more to decompose :( - source

A more environmentally friendly alternative to Q-tips. We definitely don't put these in our ears.

Now that we have tiny house neighbors, we put this on our bathroom window. 

Health is more than numbers on a scale - we use this to weigh our pets tbh lol.

Jake approved simple razor set.