We really enjoy the fresh scent and Meliora's commitment to actually clean cleaning products. 

Thoughts, goals, to dos, to trys, recipes, groceries - so many useful ways to use this minimalist glass whiteboard.

A meditative morning ritual brewing coffee and you help contribute to less coffee pod + filter waste with the reusable mesh filter. 

Non-toxic, low odor, easy to write with and perfect companion to the glass whiteboard. 

A few extra cups for our Ninja blender so we can make the best vegan smoothies. See some recipes on our Instagram!

Simple, black jump rope that's easy to use and won't break. 

We've had ours for four years (!!) and it's still going strong helping us with projects.

Own a computer? Backing up your personal and business content is so, so important, and completely worth it.

Easy to use and quickly set up shots or vlog with your camera or phone. 

A refreshing and nutritious way to change up your meals and add some vegetables in a new way!

Need a reliable way to save and transform all of our photos and videos, so we've used this one for years. 

Beginner-friendly camera used mainly for recording high-quality videos - which is what we used to film our build.

The most comfortable comforter that doesn't make you feel too hot or too cold.

Naturally dyed, good choice for the earth, and gets better after each wash.

Comfortable addition to protect the comforter and we can easily wash it!

Five years ago we bought this and we haven't woke up with back pain since.

Best sleep I've ever had in my life. 

If you don't want to commit to the mattress, try their pillow - your mind and body will thank you.

For those nights when you're brain won't shut off. Use a little bit and you'll soon feel relaxed and ready to fall asleep. 

Jake uses this FitBit Charge 3 as a simple way to track your steps, heart, and time. 

Because you always need some printer paper on hand, so why not choose a recycle alternative. 

We each bought a pair of these to keep our eyes safe during every step of the build.

Used in trailer bed to help keep rodents and insects out.

Used these to level our trailer when we first parked in the driveway. They held throughout the entire build too!

To cover all the metal flashing seams underneath the trailer. 

To protect our trailer wheels from the sun and other elements during the build. 

A fun way to explore painting with watercolors. Plus the smaller size makes it less intimidating to use rather than a large canvas!

Beginner watercolor paint set, with all the colors you need to get started.

A helpful way to make sure every corner of our trailer was level.

We use this to measure out our grounded coffee and the amount of water we're pouring.

What we used to seal all of our windows and doors before installation.

So Jake can practice some putts and drives even when there's no disc golf courses around.

Three ingredient vegan protein powder that actually tastes good in smoothies. They have other flavors too!

Clean, minimalist keyed entry door handle.

Again, really sticking with the ~clean, minimalist, black~ aesthetic. 

These were a absolute life saver when it came to cutting all of our metal siding. Made the process so much smoother!

We placed this in our living room and love the ambiance the faux but real looking flames give off. Plus it helps heat our house. 

How we get hot water! No tank needed, on demand. 

Modern, clean look and it pulls down to spray all the dishes easily. Never thought I'd love a faucet so much.

An above counter sink for easier installation and a cool look to the bathroom!

Allows us to connect our house to 50 AMP power supplies.

conveniently long for all our power tool needs. 

Just a cool added bonus when you're making your morning coffee and want to froth your oat milk. (warning: it explodes if you try it in cow secretions)

So we can run wires through the wall and hide them. Mainly used for our tv!

We used these to cut all of our outlets into the plywood to seamlessly fit over them.

Allows us to amp down to a 30 Amp hook up supply. 

We used these on all the insides of our cabinets and they're good to have extra for random furniture you end up building - see: office loft daybed. 

How we made our starry ceiling possible! Completely worth it to level up your space coolness by 100000.

Helped us create 90° angles while building different parts of our house. (stairs, storage, etc.)

Color changing lightbulbs that connects directly to Alexa, Siri, or your Google Home.

When it comes to meal prepping vegan chili or soups this is great. Prep all your vegetables, spices, etc. throw it in and let it cook. 

We use this for our ventless range hood.

Installed right above our cooktop in our kitchen.

Allows us to plug the range into an outlet rather than having it hardwired. 

Black wall-mounted fan that we installed in our bedroom loft. Also bought an adjuster separately since it's pretty powerful.

Couldn't recommend this composting toilet enough. Simple, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Used this to cover wiring for future mini split.

Allows us to power down and hook up to a normal house outlet if necessary. 

Our favorite bamboo toothbrushes we've ever tried! Affordable pack is great for the whole fam. Plus it helps to know you're not contributing to the use of plastic toothbrushes which take 500 years or more to decompose :( - source

Matte black handles that contrast beautifully with our clay painted kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Love having a little home and specific place for our phones to charge or when we simply want to use it as a stand. 

No, these aren't our tiny house curtains more so our Prius camp out curtains. We used this material to DIY window covers with cardboard to put up while we slept.

Allows us to plug the range into an outlet rather than having it hardwired. 

This allowed us to plug in our laptops and anything else that needed a standard outlet in the car.

Plugs directly into the car to keep all our food, snacks, and water cold on the trip.

One of those "just in case/good to have" items for a thousand mile road trip.

Easy to use, easy to read for all your tire pressure needs.

I use this with my refurbished Ipad so easily draw, animate, and edit photos.

Slim, minimalist, and protective case for an Ipad.

Perfect addition to our at home workout area. We bought two for a simple set.

It's always helpful to know the indoor and outdoor temperature as well as the humidity levels - especially in a tiny space!

We use these to minimize battery waste since you can recharge them up to 1200 times.

As the sun shines into our windows, these little glass pendants create beautiful little rainbows everywhere. Makes a seemingly normal space a bit magical.

Combined with an oak piece of wood from Lowe's and you've got all of our DIY kitchen shelves.

Helpful for our fan to limit its speed.

This pumps out heat to keep us warm during the colder months. We haven't had to replace it since we got it last year (2020).

Affordable and sleek can that perfectly fits into our space.

Our gaming and tv systems are hooked up in our office loft, so we put this cable through the wall in order to easily connect it to stream on our TV.

With a warm ambiance these string lights make our outdoor space in the mountains feel extra special, comfy, and cozy.

We wanted to add a light to our living room without intruding in the space, and this one perfectly tucks into the corner.

Warm, yellow light that we use with the hemp rope pendant!

Super helpful when you need to organize the usual cluttered-ness of wires.

One of our drawers is a dedicated "charging drawer" where we're able to neatly organize all the USBS into this.

These are compatible with Alexa, but are mostly used for easy listening of music while working out, biking, etc. 

Keeps the office loft cool during the warmer times of the year. It also doubles as a dehumidifier! 

Quietly and conveniently vacuums the floor during the time of day we set it for. Works well with picking up pet hair!

Continuing with the matte black aesthetic, this nicely blends into our kitchen sink and works exactly as expected.

Sleek design that fits right into our counter. We weren't sure if two burners would be enough, however after cooking for a year in here we've only ever used one. So this is plenty!

After we drip brew a cup of coffee, this instantly cools it as a refreshing iced version!

Great for keeping snacks & water cool when hiking, heading to the beach, or playing disc golf.

Minimalist fan that, well, you know what a fan does.

These are on our "might buy" list for when we further develop our outdoor space.

Planning on a 3,000 mile road trip with a cat? This fit perfectly in our trunk, and kitty enjoyed having space to sleep and room for her litter. Top 10 purchase tbh.

We used this to tape to secure all of our cabinets and drawers in place in transit. This was the last thing we did before watching our house move for the first time!

This assortment pack came with everything we needed to secure all the boxes into place during our move.

Pumped this around our outdoor plumbing and inside our toilet to deter odor.

Kitty approved shallow dishes that match the minimalist house design.

Used this for a little DIY project where we secured this around the edge of our couch so kitty can still scratch it. Color matches perfectly!

A fun way to get around the mountain and explore all the trails together.

Just a replacement strip used for our front door. 

A more environmentally friendly alternative to Q-tips. We definitely don't put these in our ears.

Any disc golfers reading this? Jake says hi, and that he loves throwing this watermelon disc.

Remember when we moved the tiny 3,000 miles away? We forgot to take down our window screens and one blew off. Luckily, this cheap alternative allowed us to have a screen once again.

Attached to our outside water hookup that runs directly into our house.

Our outdoor hose for washing off the deck or rinsing off our future rescued dog.

This allows our one water connection to turn into two! 

Really helpful way to get alllll that hair out of your shower/bath drain.

Attached to the bike to easily tow things.

Helped with the introduction between our cat and new rescue pup.

To help keep the pipes underneath our trailer from freezing during the winter.

We take this with us on our bike trails just incase a tire pops and needs some repair.

So we actually clean the bottom of our reusable water bottles lol.

We live on a mountain, so it's been cool to take these along our bike rides to get an even better views of the views.

Installed this on the inside of our wood sliding door to our bathroom and we love it!

Sustainably sourced bamboo toilet paper! 

Doubles as a cool water feature in your house. But really, it looks nice on the counter and kitty loves drinking from it.

Chose this helmet since it's easily adjustable and has a light on the back!

Attached these to our bikes for our reusable water bottles on the trail.

You may be thinking this is for soap, however it's actually kitty's favorite toy. Although it can also be used for soap.

This is where we store the replacement bike tube, etc. 

The "just in case/good to have" item for bike trips.

The scale connects right to the app where you can track and see how your body naturally fluctuates.

We use this light bulb in our office desk lamp so we're able to dim the warm light.

How we made that office desk lamp dimmable lol. 

Smiley face sticker if you guess what we use this level for. (answer key: leveling)

This ladder telescopes open and close so we're able to go on our roof then store it in our tool shed.

Hangs on the side of fridge for keys, sunglasses, and our face masks.

Soft, comfortable office chairs that fit in our loft! (We did have to cut the bottom legs a little bit).

Fits all your discs and your water bottle!

Installed these underneath our bottom kitchen shelf to hang our mugs & glasses.

We use these every morning together, and in the evenings brew a decaf to go for a walk (with the lids on).

Because when you build your own house it's helpful to have a place to organize those tools in case ya need them in the future.

Helps stabilize the trailer in our new parking spot.

We put these underneath all the stack jacks.

Fits in our workout section of the house and feels great when you roll out on.

Try this on the bottom of your feet and it might just change your life. 

Now that we have tiny house neighbors, we put this on our bathroom window. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, cause every home needs one.

For H2O consumption.

Use these on our fireplace mantel to store our favorite books. 

Simple, plain white sheet for the reading nook/extra bed we have in our office loft.

Versatile mattress where we can have a back rest while we read or pull it out for an extra guest space to sleep. 

Easily collects pet hair from the couch to remove. Yes, we saw it on TikTok.

Jake approved simple razor set.

Aka rags we use for cleaning and spills - then just add it to our weekly laundry loads.

Purchased four of these for our DIY outdoor patio/catio build.

The "just in case/good to have" item for bike trips.